The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

 Effectiveness of Email Marketing


With the rise of social media, it was a widespread belief that email marketing had seen its peak, and was going to become obsolete in the face of robust social media campaigns. What actually happened is much different. Email Marketing had to adapt.

It had to become more personalized, more appealing to the customer, and get straight to the point. This is great because, with the flood of emails that each person gets to their inbox, you can’t afford to be ignored, marked as read, or moved to spam. This is forcing a great thing to happen. It means you are going to have to provide VALUE in your emails.

What do I mean by Value? There are several ways to provide value to your customers with email marketing. There are abandoned cart emails, discount offers, personalized emails, segmented campaigns, and many more opportunities that are being offered by different platforms every day to provide value for your shoppers. As a result, email marketing is providing enormous value to companies who are willing to invest in it.

So, we’ve covered the how. Maybe you are still asking yourself, why? To answer that, here are 5 important stats that suggest why it is worth the effort:

  1. 275 million Americans have a smartphone with email access.
  2. 99% of email users check their email EVERY DAY.
  3. 85% of emails go directly to the main inbox.
  4. Emails have an average open rate of 22% across all industries.
  5. Emails have an average click-through rate of 3.75% across all industries.

And those are just the base stats for email marketing! So hopefully, you are starting to see how email can provide a significant ROI. If not I’ll leave you with this final stat. Across all industries, email marketing has the potential to have a 4,400% ROI if executed correctly. (That’s $44 for every $1 you spend)!

However, it IS up to your company or agency to make your content applicable and relevant to your customers to increase those numbers though.

If you are ready to make your email marketing effective, contact us here at Ballistic Agency! We’d love to help you provide real value to your customers.

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