What is Optimized eCommerce?

What is optimized eCommerce?

We’ve worked with many great brands over the years since we started Ballistic Agency in 2008. We see millions of shoppers on our client websites, and we work diligently to get them to be more engaged with our clients. We look at data, formulate a hypothesis, test our idea, measure the results, and make decisions. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we win. But no matter what, we’re making incremental website improvements so that what works stays and what doesn’t work goes away.

Optimized eCommerce is the process of continuously improving how you sell online by prioritizing data-based changes to achieve maximum effect. In essence, Optimized eCommerce is about doing less and getting more. Redesigning a website is costly and can introduce more hurdles that stand between you and success. We use data to take the guesswork out of improving specific deficiencies with your current website, starting with the problems costing you the most money.


Continuous Improvement: We love eCommerce. Helping shoppers find your website, locate what they’re looking for, make a buying decision, and easily make a purchase makes us happy. We also think it’s worthwhile to invite your customers to engage with your brand, write a product review, or make another purchase. We focus on what matters and can quickly get results. It can appear as though Optimized eCommerce makes magic happen for our clients. But it’s not magic. It’s the result of smart continuous improvement.

Data: We designed websites based on the HiPPO or the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion for many years. The HiPPO was usually our client’s CEO or the owner of the company. That never really worked out so well for the client. We decided to start over and built a process to use data to make the right decisions. That was the smartest thing we’ve ever done. Using data sounds so simple, but can sometimes be very hard to do. The HiPPO isn’t used to people telling them no or that they have a terrible idea. But they are used to looking at data and making a decision based on facts. They’re also very open to anything that will make their customers happy and bring in more revenue. Instantly our clients were more satisfied with the results, and we became more valuable to them. Also, the awkward disagreements and miscommunications between our designers and the client disappeared. Everyone was happier!

If you’d like us to apply our Optimized eCommerce process to your current website or use it to develop a new site that fits your growth plans, give us a call. We’d love to help you make the right decision for your business and optimize your eCommerce.


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