Remove the Risk and Reap the Rewards

Remove the Risk and Reap the Rewards

You can do many things right with your eCommerce store regarding pricing, benefits, product specifications, and shipping charges. You can have great photos and videos too, but still, some people won’t purchase. What could be the piece that’s missing? If you’ve done everything else right, there’s one thing left that makes people leave your eCommerce site: Risk. There’s a risk of ordering the wrong item, the wrong size, the wrong color, paying too much, not being able to afford the item or the risk of not getting your money back if there’s a problem. The real risk is a hassle.

Risk is a powerful motivator that keeps people from moving ahead with many things in life, including purchase on your website. So how can you remove that risk, or at least lessen it so that you can reap the rewards of increased sales?

There’s power in a guarantee. There’s even more power in a guarantee that takes all of the hassles away. People want what you’re offering, but many times they want to feel confident that your product or services will live up to the claims that you make. For the small percentage of the orders that will be returned or exchanged, make it as easy and painless as possible.

What is CRO?

Your guarantee could offer many different levels of service, including

  • Free return shipping
  • An included return shipping label
  • A 30, 60, 90, or 365 days return policy
  • Price matching
  • Delivery date guarantees
  • Satisfaction guarantees

Most importantly, your company and the products you sell must live up to the promises you make with your guarantee. If they don’t, you’ll pay the price you’ve guaranteed, which could prove very costly. The fact that you offer a guarantee should be a strong signal that you’re serious about the product’s quality and the satisfaction you’re sure they’ll receive.

Strengthen your customer confidence and post your guarantee proudly on your product pages and continuously through the checkout process. Instill confidence in your customers, and they’ll reward you with increased sales. Be generous, but be smart about your return policy. It’s often worth trying several different return policies throughout the year to find the balance between increased more sales and more returns.

Remove the risk and reap the rewards. If you’d like help selling more on your website, contact us today. We’d love to help you achieve Optimized eCommerce™.




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